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How to reset "waste ink full" error - Canon printers

Canon printers (and other makes) are programmed to display "waste ink full" error and stop responding
to any commands, after a preset number of printhead cleans is performed. This is meant to prevent the
waste ink pad inside the printer getting too full, overflowing and ink leaking out of the printer. Click here
to find out more information on waste ink tanks and how to deal with them.

The error generally presents itself with light(s) on the printer flashing and changing colour from green to
orange and back to green. When this happens, the printer refuses to do anything and will not print.
Note: Flashing printer lights may have number of different causes. The waste ink error is just one. Look
in the user guide that came with your printer, for explanation of the different errors. Counting how many
times the light flash before changing colour, determines what the problem is.  This varies from model to
model, so number of flashes can mean something totally different in another model Canon printer.

Resetting the waste ink error will get your printer working again again, but sooner or later the ink pads
will get full and need dealing with.  Having your printer serviced every 2nd or 3rd time the error triggers,
or when the ink pad is actually getting full, is generally enough. By then, rest of the printer is probably
worn out too and you might want to look at replacing it anyway.

Resetting the waste ink error:

The reset is easy to do on many Canon printers and usually involves pressing the buttons on printer in
a certain sequence. Most BJ, BJC, S, i and iP can be reset this way.

1) Power the printer off then disconnect power cable from printer (or switch off at power point)
2) Press and hold power and resume buttons on printer then re-connect the power cable
3) Keep holding the power button, release the resume button
4) Press resume twice then release both buttons
5) Green light should flash then turn solid
6) Press resume 4 times
7) Press power button to turn the printer off
8) Press power button again to turn printer on. The green light should flash for a while then turn solid

That's it. The printer should work as usual. If the error displays again, try repeating the process. If the
error shows again, it's probably something else causing it...not the waste ink.

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