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How to reset "waste ink" errors - Epson printers...

Most Epson (and other) ink printers use a waste ink tank or ink pads to contain the ink used during print-head charging or cleaning. Every time you replace an ink cartridge, press the "clean print-head" button, or even just turn your printer off or on,  amount of ink is pumped out of the ink cartridges into the waste tank.  

After a certain number of print-head priming/cleaning cycles is executed, the waste ink tank fills up. To prevent the ink from overflowing and leaking out of the printer, Epson printers are programmed to shut down before the tank is full. Usually there is no warning this is about to happen. One minute you're happily printing, next the printer comes to a griding halt with all the warning lights flashing like a Christmas tree and a message like "some parts inside your printer have reached the end of their useful life and need replacing", or "your printer requires servicing" or something like that. The printer refuses to do anything. When this happens, you can either take your printer to an Epson repairer and have it serviced, or deal with the waste tank yourself and reset the printer error. Click here to find more information on waste ink tanks and how to deal with them.

To reset the waste ink error you will need to download a reset program. This resets the printer counters back to 0 and the printer should work again. If you have older Epson, you should be able to find a free reset utility at: ssclg.com/epsone.shtml

Note: SSC have stopped updating the reset utility for new printers few years back, so if your Epson is more recent, you might have to find the software elsewhere. You can find resets for most Epsons by doing a google search for: "maintenance error reset Epson XXXXXX" (enter your model number instead of XXXXX eg. TX800W). Be prepared to pay $10-15 for this.

How to use SSC reset utility for Epson printers

The SSC software (if available for your model) is quite easy to use, but some people may find the instructions below helpful. 
You might want to check the forum on the SSC website, before deciding to download, or use the program. 
The program is not authorised by Epson.

After you download the software, install it in "program files". Make sure the printer is connected to computer via USB or parallel cable and turn the printer on. 

A new icon should appear on your desktop somewhere. It looks like a little printer. Click it and a window like this should open. Select a printer model from the lower dropdown menu that matches yours... 


If you have several printers installed on your computer, select the one you are wanting to use the software with this time - from the top dropdown menu...


This is what the window should look like for an Epson R310 printer...

Click the "Ink monitor" tab and the window should change to something like this. Click the "Refresh" button to check that the software is communicating with the printer ok. If it isn't, you will get a message: "Printer not ready" or similar. If so, switch the printer off & on again, then try again. If you can't get the software to communicate - it will not work...

If the window looks like this (above), the program is communicating ok and you are half way there. Close the window and a new icon should appear in your tool bar (near the clock in right bottom corner)...looks like a printer with rainbow above it. Right click it and menu like this should pop up... 

Left click the "protection counter", and select "reset protection counter". A dialog box should open with question: "Have you replaced the ink pad?" Click yes. If the reset works, you should then get a message: "Waste counter was reset" (or something to that meaning). You can then go back and click "protection counter" again, then "counter value" which should now be zero. Turn the printer off for couple of minutes, if the lights are still flashing, then turn it back on again and it should work as usual. You can resume using the printer, but you should think about dealing with the waste ink pad.

If you still can't work it out or have problems, contact us for more info.


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