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Continuous ink systems for Canon printers

Do you have a Canon printer with individual ink tanks?

If you use the printer regularly, go through a lot of ink and are sick of constant refilling or replacing the cartridges,  a CISS (continuous ink system) might be the perfect solution for you. Correctly setup, Canon CISS should provide years of quality printing - at minimal cost.

If you only print a page or two every now and again, you might want to look at refill kits instead. Canon CISS need regular use to stay in prime and work properly. And since BCI3/6, CLI8/PGI5, CLI521/PGI520, CLI526/PGI525 etc Canon ink tanks are very easy to refill with a syringe, refilling may be a more reliable ink solution for infrequent users than CISS. Find Canon refill kits here.

  Canon 4500 CIS

Canon CISS installation is typically as simple as:

  • remove existing ink tanks from printer
  • slot the CISS cartridges in their place
  • stick down a self adhesive support arm and couple of stick-on tubing holders
  • adjust the tubing length
  • replace "transport" plugs in reservoir bottles with supplied air filters
  • prime the print-head (using printer maintenance utility)

Most Canon printers with individual ink tanks work well with CISS. InkBank Canon CISS come set-up with purpose built ink tanks that are slightly shorter than Canon tanks and this provides for easier fitting in late model Canons with reduced clearances. Some Canon printers require cutting a slot in the printer housing (above cartridges) to provide adequate clearance for the tubing. While this is not always strictly required, it is highly recommended for increased printer reliability. 

Priming a CISS is easy, but 2-3 (or more) "print-head cleans" might be necessary, to get the CISS working and the ink flowing. Once primed, use the printer at least once a week to keep it primed, or you may have to do it again, next time you go to use it. Then again, if you use your printer that little, you probably shouldn't be fitting a CISS in the first place.

Important information...

Most late model Canon printers are too 'tight' for reliable CISS installation. For this reason and ongoing problems with chip compatibility in new printers, InkBank no longer supplies CISS kits (for new models). If you need more info or alternative solution for your printer, please contact us.

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