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High resolution paper

is the best choice for everyday printing of graphics, photographs and presentation quality documents.
High resolution paper is matt coated for clear sharp print with vibrant colours and laser quality black. High resolution paper is
not heavy like photo paper, at 90-110GSM (grams per sq. metre) is slightly thicker than plain (copy) paper.
High resolution paper is suitable for printing B&W and colour photos for display in albums, laminating or behind glass. Photo-
graphers use it for 'proof' printing to see what a photo will look like, before switching to more expensive papers for final print.

Make sure you change the printer settings to match the paper you are using. For high resolution paper, use matt photo paper
settings, if high-resolution is not on the paper type menu for your printer. 
Note: InkBank no longer supplies Celcast or Inktec hi-resolution paper. A4 paper is too easily damaged in transport. 

If you need help finding the right paper, or for more information on printer settings, please
  contact us.


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