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HP ink refills

Complement your printer with HP ink refills from InkBank and you'll have a hard to beat combination. Most HP ink cartridges are quite easy and very economical to refill and usually work for number of successful refills - before needing replacement. 

Each ink refill kit contains enough ink for several refills, all the tools you will need, as well as detailed instructions in English. Black and colour refill kits are available separately. When you've used up the supplied ink, individual colour ink can be bought individually (here) in different quantities. The supplied ink is not made by HP,  but is formulated specifically for HP printer ink cartridges. Premium quality, quick drying dye or pigment ink. NOT universal or Chinese inks. 100% guaranteed. 

Scroll down to find HP ink refills for your printer - or read on for more info on HP ink cartridge refilling.


Can my HP ink cartridges be refilled? Any tricks?

1 - Refill HP cartridges before empty...
Most HP ink cartridges (with print-head) are pretty easy to refill, if you know how. Cartridges should not be allowed to run out of ink. Refilling (topping up) HP cartridges before or as soon as any colour (or black) starts to fade, can considerably extend the ink cartridge/print-head life. Topping the cartridges up frequently is best approach, but even empty cartridges usually work ok after refilling - if it'sdone straight away.

2 - Do not overfill HP ink cartridges...
Some recent HP ink cartridges hold so little ink that even adding as little as 2ml can result in overfilling and the cartridge leaking. Watching the print-head (while injecting ink) for leaks and removing little ink after refilling is the easiest way to prevent leaks. If a HP cartridge doesn't print right after refilling, remove it and you'll probably find the printhead is covered in ink. This indicates overfull & leaking cartridge. Remove little ink, clean the cartridge up and it should work as good as new.

3 - Read (and follow) the refilling instructions...
While many HP cartridges look similar, the refill process and colour positions can be different from one cartridge to the next.
Read and make sure you understand the refill instuctions.

4 - Invest in high capacity (XL) cartridges...
Many recent HP cartridges are available in either standard or high yield (XL) version. In the past, the only difference between high yield and standard HP cartridges was the amount of ink they came with. These days, not only do the standard cartridges include less ink from the factory, but more often than not, the internal sponge that holds the ink is lower volume as well. In other words, it may not be possible to fill the non-XL type HP cartridges to full capacity.

HP ink refills & ink levels

One drawback with refilling most HP printers is that your printer will not display the ink levels (ink gauge) with refilled cartridges. This can make working out when to refill tricky. Software from www.inkmon.org can make the task easier. 

HP ink refills for # 564 and #920 now available...

HP original # 564 and 564XL cartridges as used in Photosmart A109, A209, A309, B8550, C5380, C6375, C6380, D5460 etc are fairly easy and very economical to refill. The ink chips fitted to these cartridges can not be reset, so you will lose the ink level indicators, but as these printers continue to function with "empty" cartridges, it's not a major problem. Working out when to refill can be difficult, neither 564 or 920 cartridges are transparent.

HP genuine 564 cartridges have changed! HP non-XL 564 cartridges can now only be filled to 1/2 capacity (same as new). The internal cartridge design has modified to make ink refilling less atractive. HP have removed the internal connection between the front and rear chamber in non-XL cartridges, so filling in the usual way (into the ink (rear) chamber doesn't work.
High capacity (XL) cartridges overcome this problem and can be filled to 100% capacity.    

Note: There are 2 black refill kits available for the "564" printers. H-564/920 is for printers with one black cartridge (eg Photosmart A209, Officejet 6000 series). H-564BB is for printers with two black ink cartridges (eg Photosmart A309, Premium etc). The colour refill kit H-564C refills the 3 colours (C/M/Y) and is same for all 564 and 920 printers.

HP920 cartridges are same as HP564XL (except for different chip). They both use the same ink set and refill exactly the same. 920BXL (black) cartridge is the only exception, is twice the thickness of 564/564XL and holds more ink. 

Tip: Save the original cartridge outlet (orange plastic) clip that comes fitted to new 920XL black cartridges. Refill clip is included with each 564 & 920 refill kit, but it only fits the 564/564XL and 920 back cartridge, not the 920XL (black). 

NEW: HP950 and 950XL genuine (PRO8100, 8600) cartridges (including setup cartridges) are easy to refill. The only drawback is that you need at least two sets of cartridges, to overcome the printer "ink depleted" error. There are no chip resetters, or auto-reset chips available for any 950, 950XL, 951, 951XL  cartridges, but the HP ink monitor shuts down, if you fit another cartridge, before re-installing the refilled one. So...you need a spare cartridge for each colour. If you don't have any spares, you can either buy another set of original HP cartridges (approx $100) and refill both sets, or get a set of InkBank "reset" cartridges ($22). These are not recommended (don't work very well) for refilling, but provide a cheap, economical solution to clearing the "ink depleted" error. You can find the reset cartridges at bottom of this page.    

Refillable HP ink cartridges..?

Most original HP individual ink cartridges (one of each colour) # 02, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 82, 88, 940 are not the easiest to refill. If you want to refill any printer using these cartridges, take a look at refillable cartridges. They are easy to fill versions of genuine cartridges and most (except HP940) include auto-reset ink level chips to overcome the ink monitor issues.

Can't find HP ink refills for your printer on this page ? Please  contact us .

HP 21, 27, 56, 92  black refill kit HP 21, 27, 56, 92 black refill kit

Black refill kit for HP #21, 21XL, 27, 27XL, #56 cartridges

Contents: 125ml pigment ink, syringe, needle, instructions, gloves

Approx: 7 x #56, 25 x #21 refills 

Price: $29.70

HP 22, 28, 57 colour refill kit HP 22, 28, 57 colour refill kit

Colour refill kit for HP #22, 22XL, 28, #57 cartridges

Contents: 3x50ml C/M/Y dye ink, syringes, needles, instructions, gloves

Approx: 25 x #22, 10 x #57 refills 

Price: $38.50

HP 58 photo refill kit HP 58 photo refill kit

Photo refill kit for HP #58 cartridges

Contents: 3x50ml pC/pM/pK dye ink, syringes, needles instructions, gloves

approx 10 refills @ 5ml  

Price: $38.50

HP 60, 61, 74, 702 black refill kit HP 60, 61, 74, 702 black refill kit

Black refill kit for HP #60, 61, 74, 702 ink cartridges

Contents: 125ml pigment ink, syringe, needle, instructions, gloves

Approx 20 x #60 refills

Price: $29.70

HP 60, 61, 75, 93, 95, 97 colour refill kit HP 60, 61, 75, 93, 95, 97 colour refill kit

Colour refill kit for HP #60, 61, 75, 93, 95, 97 cartridges

Contents: 3x50ml C/M/Y dye ink, syringes, needles, instructions, gloves

Approx 10 x #97 refills 

Price: $38.50

HP 74, 92, 94, 96 black refill kit HP 74, 92, 94, 96 black refill kit

Black refill kit for HP #74, 92, 94, 96 cartridges

Contents: 125ml pigment ink, syringe, needle, instructions, gloves

approx: 20 x #74 refills 

Price: $29.70

HP 45, 15 black refill kit HP 45, 15 black refill kit

Black refill kit for HP #15 (C6615), #45 (51645A) cartridges

contents: 125ml pigment ink, syringe, needle, instructions, gloves

Approx: 6 x #15, 3 x #45 refills 

Price: $33.00

HP 564 black + photo black refill kit HP 564 black + photo black refill kit
Black refill kit for HP564 Black and 564 Photo black ink cartridges (for printers using two black cartridges).

Contents: 125ml premium pigment (H7) ink, 50ml premium dye (H2) photo black ink, 1 x syringe & needle, plug tool, 4 plugs, instructions, gloves

Approx: 12 black +12 photo black refills

Price: $38.50

HP 564, 920 black refill kit HP 564, 920 black refill kit
Black refill kit for HP564 & 564XL (models using 1 black cartridge only) and HP920BK

Approx: 8  x refills of 564XL, 4 x 920XL

Price: $33.00

HP 564, 920 colour refill kit HP 564, 920 colour refill kit

Colour refill kit for HP #564, 564XL & 920XL C,M,Y colour ink cartridges

Approx: 5 x each colour refills


Price: $38.50

HP 932/932XL black refill kit NEW! HP 932/932XL black refill kit NEW!
Black refill kit for HP932, 932XL cartridges as used in Officejet 6100, 6600, 6700, 7610, 7612, 7110, 7510

Approx: 6  x refills of XL @ 20ml

Price: $38.50

HP 933/933XL colour refill kit NEW HP 933/933XL colour refill kit NEW

Colour refill kit for HP933, 933XL cartridges as used in Officejet PRO 6100, 6600, 6700, 7110, 7510, 7610, 7612

Approx: 5 x each colour refills of 933XL CMY @ 10ml

Price: $55.00

HP 950/950XL black refill kit  NEW! HP 950/950XL black refill kit NEW!

Black refill kit for HP950, 950XL cartridges as used in Officejet PRO 251, 276, 8100, 8600, 8610, 8620, 8630

Approx: 3  x refills of 950XL @40ml

Price: $38.50

HP 951/951XL colour refill kit  NEW! HP 951/951XL colour refill kit NEW!

Colour refill kit for HP951, 951XL cartridges as used in Officejet PRO 251, 276, 8100, 8600, 8610, 8620, 8630

Approx: 3 x each colour refills of 951XL CMY @ 17ml

Price: $55.00



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