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Ink refills (refill kits)

Ink refills / ink refill kits                                                                                                                                       

Ink cartridge refilling is a popular alternative to replacing empty ink cartridges. Most original cartridges and ink tanks can be successfully re-inked at fraction of the cost of new cartridges. This includes Canon, Lexmark, HP and most other makes of ink cartridges and ink tanks. All you need is some ink, few refill tools and instructions. In other words....a refill kit.

Find ink refills for Brother, Canon, Dell,  EpsonHPLexmark (genuine) ink cartridges by clicking one of the links or pics below...or read some more about ink refilling further down this page.   

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Why refill  your printer cartridges..?

All printer cartridges and ink tanks are sold as disposable these days, even though most can be refilled many times, before they fail and have to be replaced. Some genuine ink tanks are so well designed that even after years of refiilling, they work as good as new. Ok...this is more an exception than a rule and most late model ink cartridges are only good for few refills. But even few refills will reduce printing cost - a lot. 

Is ink refilling much cheaper than buying new cartridges? How much cheaper?

This depends on your printer model, how much your replacement cartridges cost are and how much ink you intend to buy...

Example 1 - Let's say your printer uses 2 (1 black & 1 colour) cartridges and they cost $25 and $30 respectively. Typical black cartridge comes with 10 or so ml of ink and the colour cartridge 3-4ml per colour (x 3). Some hold more ink, some less, but this would be about average. You can buy some high quality black and colour refill kits here for a total outlay of around $70. For that you get 125ml of black ink, 3 x 50ml of colour ink and all the refill tools you need. This is enough to refill 12 typical black cartridges and 12 colour cartridges. If you do the math, you'd see  it's now costing you less than $6 (instead of $55) to re-ink both your cartridges. This would translate to $590 saving by the time you use up all the supplied ink - providing both ink cartridges would survive the 12 refills. But even if they didn't and you replace the cartridges every five refills, you'd still be about $500 ahead by refilling.

 Example 2 - Let's say your printer uses 5 individual ink tanks costing $20 each. Typical black tank holds 20ml of ink and each colour ink tank 10ml of ink. If you buy premium ink in 250ml bottles, your total outlay will be less than $200. This will get you the ink plus all the tools, plugs etc you'll need. Now...250ml ink bottle set is equivalent to about 12 black refills and 25 refills of each colour. In other words, approximately 112 ink tanks (12 black & 100 colour) or $2240 worth of ink tanks for under $200. You'd save roughly $2000 by the time you use up all the ink.

Yes, using  ink refills is considerably cheaper than buying new cartridges.  Refilling has other benefits as well...

Ink refilling is convenient...

Having some printer ink on hand and topping your cartridges up when empty would have to be more convenient, than having to go out to buy a new cartridge. Running out of ink unexpectedly (as we do) at 10pm or on Sunday afternoon, half way through an urgent print job is no problem - if you have a refill kit in your desk.

Refilling printer cartridges is better for the environment...

Millions of ink cartridges end up in landfill every year and that can't be very good. But compared to all the other stuff that gets thrown out as part of our everyday life, few plastic ink cartridges here or there surely can't make all that much difference. Then again...each refilled cartridge saves about 250ml of oil and many kW's of energy being wasted on making a new one. That has to be a good thing.

Ink refilling is not difficult...

It can be quite easy - if you know what to do and have the right tools and decent instructions to follow. Sure, you can save few more dollars by buying a bottle of cheap ink and a syringe somewhere, but not knowing what to do and not having the correct tools or plugs etc can make the difference between a successful refill and total failure. Cheap ink doesn't help the cause either. And the few dollars you may have saved in the process, will probably go toward buying new cartridges anyway...after you clean up the mess.  

Some cartridges are super easy to fill and the whole process might only take you 1-2 minutes, once you learn the tricks. 

Tip: Read and follow the refilling instructions. Don't skip the instructions bit, even if you've refilled similar cartridges before!

Note: Be prepared to put more effort into refilling - than you would into fitting new ink cartridges or ink tanks.

Look after your ink cartridges...

If you don't, the number of successful refills will be greatly reduced. Whenever possible, printer cartridges should be refilled before (or as soon as) empty. If left empty for any length of time, the cartridges may not fill properly, or not print right (if at all) after refilling. Colour cartridges should be refilled when (or before) any colour starts to fade out. Continuing to print with even one colour empty is a quick way to destroy a good cartridge. Most print-heads operate at high temperatures and need constant ink flow to provide cooling. Without ink, the print-head will overheat and eventually fail.

At the same time...don't stress too much over running out of ink - with most printers. Refilling many recent printers involves disabling of the ink monitor, which means you will lose the ink indication (ink gauge) and it can be difficult to keep track of the ink levels. Sure, it would be better to never run out, but it is not always practical.  As long as you don't continue printing without ink for more than few pages, it should not cause any major issues in majority of printers. There are exceptions to this and printers with remote print-heads (eg Brother and some Epson and HP) need special care with ink monitoring/refilling. You don't ever want to run out of ink in certain printers.  

Refilling doesn't have to be messy...

But...you are dealing with ink, so be prepared to get your fingers inked a bit. As long as you're careful, there is no reason for making too much mess, but try to pick an area, where accidental spill can be tolerated, like a clean sink draining board. Saving $20 by refilling your ink cartridge will quickly lose it's appeal, if you destroy $1000 worth of carpet in the process. Always keep a box of tissues on hand when working with ink.. and take your time!   

Ink washes from hands with water and soap, best if it's done straight away. Stubborn stains can take few attempts to remove. Hair shampoo works well too. Regular washing does reasonably good job on ink stained clothes and most stains will come out after few washes. But don't count on it...dark stains on fabric are fairly permanent - unless the garment can be bleached.

To start refilling your printer cartridges or ink tanks - you will need:

  • quality ink formulated to mix with original ink
  • accurate instructions you can read and understand
  • all necessary tools, plugs etc
  • undamaged (working) cartridge or ink tank 

If you decide to buy your refill ink here...you're well on your way to successful cartridge refilling. All you need then is your empty ink cartridges and few minutes of spare time. InkBank refill kits make refilling as simple as possible with easy to follow instructions, premium grade printer ink and all the tools you need for the job. Need help? Take advantage of free phone and email support at Inkbank.

Are your ink cartridges (or ink tanks) refillable..?

Many recent printers don't recognise refilled ink cartridges or ink tanks. With these printers, you may need some "refillable" ink tanks/cartridges or a chip resetter to make your printer accept the refills. This applies to all new Epson, some HP, Canon and recent Brother individual cartridges. Late model Lexmark printers only tolerate refilling of specific "A" or "XL" marked genuine ink cartridges. Many other Lexmark cartridges sold as "return program" cost little less, but can't be refilled.

Note: You don't need a chip resetter or refillable cartridges - to refill ink cartridges with built-in print head.  Chip resetters only apply to individual Canon, Epson, HP and latest Brother cartridges. There aren't any resetters available for ink cartridges with print head (on cartridge).

How much ink are you getting with Inkbank ink refill kits..?

If you are comparing ink refill kits from different companies, don't forget to factor in volumes and grade of the printer ink supplied. Many competitors refill kits only come with 10-20ml of ink per colour. All InkBank ink refill kits include at least 50ml of each colour and up to 175ml of black ink. And since InkBank ink is the highest grade available...yes, it might cost little bit more than cheap Chinese ink...but like with most other things - you get what you pay for.

Select  your printer make below to find printer ink / ink refills / ink refill kits for it - or more specific info... 
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