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Toner cartridges

Toner cartridges                                                                                                                    

Find toner cartridge(s) for your printer model - by clicking on one of the pictures or links below. Or...scroll down for some info about laser printer toner cartridges. If your printer make (brand) is not listed here, please contact us 

toner cartridges
toner cartridges
toner cartridges
Hewlett Packard
toner cartridges
toner cartridges
toner cartridges
toner cartridges
toner cartridges


Genuine - compatible - remanufactured - toner cartridges... What's the difference..?

Genuine (also called original or OEM) toner cartridges - are made by the printer manufacturers (eg Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung etc). They are brand new, high quality, usually most expensive. Same as with most other products, you pay more for genuine parts. Please contact us to buy genuine toner cartridges, genuine imaging drums etc. They're not available through the website because the prices are constantly changing and it's too difficult to keep the pricing up to date.

Compatible (also called generic or non-genuine) toner cartridges - are made by independent companies, not associated with the printer makers. Compatible toner cartridges are also brand new, usually much cheaper than genuine cartridges. Most are made in China and print quality & reliability varies from brand to brand.

Remanufactured (also called reconditioned) toner cartridges are used, genuine cartridges that have been cleaned out, refilled, tested and repackaged (usually in China). Same as with compatible toner cartridges, quality varies from brand to brand. Buying toner cartridges based on price alone is not a good idea. Cheapest price usually means that some parts are not replaced, low grade toner is used, or the cartridge is not tested etc. You get what you pay for!  

InkBank supplies Print-rite compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges for most laser printer models. They are well made, fit perfectly and the toner is consistently good quality. They may cost little bit more than some of the el-cheapo brands, but worth the few extra dollars. In most printers, there is no noticeable difference in print quality or performance, when compared to genuine toner. Print-rite toner cartridges are fully guaranteed and print as many (or more) pages as genuine cartridges.  

Print-rite don't make toner for all printer makes/models. If there is no Print-rite toner available, another equivalent cartridge brand may be listed - if available. Same warranty conditions apply. 

Note: To comply with printer makers design patents, some recent compatible "chipped" toner cartridges may not support the toner level display. Printer operation is unaffected other than this. 

Colour toner cartridges are available either individually or in B/C/M/Y bundles (of 4) for even better value.   

All toner cartridges at InkBank come with 100% satisfaction guarantee  as well as 12 month manufacturer warranty.

Select your printer make below to find a toner cartridge for it...   If your printer/toner is not listed, please contact us

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