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Printers with continuous ink system (CISS)                                            

Have a lot of printing to do? Sick of constantly replacing (or refilling) your ink or toner cartridges?

Ok, how about a continuous ink supply (CISS) printer? Cheaper to operate than any colour laser printer, relatively cheap to buy initially and if set-up and used correctly, very reliable. 

Continuous ink system printers don't use traditional ink cartridges which need replacing, or refilling when the supplied ink runs out. Instead, these printers are fitted with external ink reservoirs and the ink cartridges are supplied (topped up) with ink automatically - as you print. 

CISS can extend the capacity of  your ink cartridges by as much 6 times and reduce your ink costs by as much as 90%. Find more CISS info here.

Important information...

Most late model Canon, Epson and HP printers are too 'tight' for reliable CISS installation. For this reason and ongoing problems with chip compatibility in new printers, InkBank no longer supplies CISS printers. If you need more info or alternative solution for your printer, please contact us.

Please contact us for more info.


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