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Printer ink (bottles)

Printer ink (bulk)                                                                                                                                        

The most economical way to buy printer ink is in bulk (bottles). If you already bought a  refilable cartridge bundle, refill kit, or a continuous ink system, have the refill tools/plugs etc and just need a top-up of high grade ink - you are on the right page.

Click on your printer make link below - to find the right ink for your printer, or click here for more ink info.


Brother refill ink Canon refill ink Epson refill ink HP refill ink Lexmark printer ink
 Brother refill ink  Canon refill ink Epson refill ink HP refill ink Lexmark refill ink


New to ink refilling?

Consider buying a refill kit or a refillable cartridge bundle - to start with. That way you get the correct inks, all the tools, plugs, instructions and anything else you might need to refill your printer cartridges.

Note: Syringes, needles, refill tools and plugs etc are also available separately here (if you know what you need).

Get the right ink...

You can fill any ink cartridge with just about any watery, coloured liquid and it will probably print. Ink formulated for different printer, cheap Chinese ink, universal ink, even food colouring dye mixed in water - will all 'sort of' work. But there is lot more to printer ink, than may be immediately obvious and just because it seems to work ok (now), doesn't necessarily mean it  will do same next week or in couple of months. If you're keen to experiment...why not? But don't get your hopes up too high.

If you expect great looking prints, long ink cartridge/print-head life and safe, reliable printer operation - using fresh, correctly formulated high quality refill ink can make a huge difference. Like with most other things, buying printer ink on price alone may not be the best policy.

 How much ink should you buy?

The more bulk ink you order at once, the cheaper it gets...but don't get too carried away and buy more than you're likely to use up in 2 years. Even quality ink has a shelf life and starts to degrade at about 2 years. Cheaper inks deteriorate quicker.

Note: Keep ink sealed airtight and away from heat and light for best results. Be vigilant about ink contamination and use clean syringes/needles for refilling. Any foreign matter (old/dried ink, dust etc) can contaminate printer ink, rendering it unusable. Don't use ink any that seems to have thickened, changed colour, or is not performing as it should.  

125ml bottle of ink will refill:    typical (10ml) Canon, Epson or HP ink cartridge about 12 times
                                            small (6ml) HP, Canon, Lexmark black ink cartridge about 20 times
                                            high capacity or XL (20ml) HP, Canon, Lexmark black ink cartridge about 6 times
                                            small colour (3ml x 3) HP, Canon, Lexmark colour ink cartridge about 40 times
                                            high capacity or XL (6ml x 3) HP, Canon, Lexmark colour ink cartridge about 20 times  

Ink is available in four convenient bottle sizes (50, 125, 250 & 500ml) at InkBank and you can buy each colour or black ink individually (don't have to buy a set). Ink ships in unbreakable plastic bottles with leak proof o-ring caps. 

100% satisfaction ink guarantee 


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